Showskii Stories: PANS Discusses New Single “Woods” & Upcoming Album

Miami based baroque rock outfit PANS debuts “Woods”, the first single released off their upcoming album. Formerly known as Pans Permia, PANS bandmates Adrian Garcia, Jack Le Sante, and Keysel Pelaez re-imagine their sound under a collaborative effort to create an otherworldly fantasia. Woods opens with three powerful orchestral strikes, grasping your attention before subduing to a whimsical music bed. Rich with progressive arrangements and lyrical imagery, Woods centers around somber matters describing both post-human and apocalyptic themes. Akin to a guiding light in the darkness, the vocals hover over the progression into the finale, where Adrian sings,

“Here comes the spell. The soft caress that makes us feel different. This new wilderness.”


  • Q: What was the inspiration behind Woods? 

A: Adrian: “Jack and I and some friends took a trip to Atlanta to see Other Lives, which is actually like… I love that band. We were in a park spending some time out in nature and we actually got lost in there. We were trying to find our way out before the sun went down. There was this moment of panic thinking we were gonna have to call someone to get us out of there. We stumbled upon this opening in the forest and there were fireflies everywhere and it was beautiful. We stared at them for and there was a moment of peace. Shortly after, we were able to get out. Jack described that experience to Keysel and he came up with the first bits of the lyrics before leaving to Mongolia to serve at Peace Corps. Afterward, Jack and I finished it together.”

Jack: “You could attribute the inspiration to experiencing nature and seeing, hearing, and feeling what’s there. I wanted the chord progression and sound to reflect a mystical fairytale vibe.” 

  • Q: The band was previously called Pans Permia. What was the change that caused Pans Permia to become PANS? How has your music evolved since this change?

A: Adrian: “A lot of the songs on Oracle (EP release under Pans Permia) were songs I had already written before Pans Permia. PANS is very much a collaboration between Keysel, Jack and I. A lot of times Keysel will have his hand in the lyrics. I’ll come up with a verse or two and he’ll finish the rest- all in agreement with what the words are and what they mean.”

Jack: “In terms of the name, I’d say it’s easier to say, remember, and understand. I think the new name matches the new album.” 

  • Q: Would you say that you have established your style more so in PANS?

    A: Adrian: “Yeah, it’s clear. Jack and Keysel always knew what I wanted to go for... this multidimensional, cinematic, large sound. The three of us know what the sound is and it’s just working to achieve it. What inspired Woods was that real-life event but as the lyrics grew and developed as a concept, it became more of this idea of a post-human sort of thing where nature reclaims the land. It’s like the unknown of this future wilderness and that brings about the name and concept of the entire upcoming album.” 

  • Q: When can we expect to hear this new album? Is there a release date scheduled?

    A: Adrian: “We’ve been working on it for some time. Right now it’s about 65% done. We look forward to releasing it by the end of the year, maybe even by the end of fall.”

Copy of PANS - WOODS

From left to right: Jack Le Sante, Keysel Pelaez, and Adrian Garcia.

Photo credit: PANS

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